Sunday, November 15, 2009

Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Maria Shaw Mason

Charlotte Maria Shaw Mason (1842–1923) was a British educator. Her thoughts and ideas have been developed into methods which are commonly used in homeschooling curriculum.

Charlotte Mason on her education:
“My mother was delicate and required sea air, so it happened I was born in Bangor and that my earliest recollections are associated with the sea. My father, J. H. Mason, was a Liverpool merchant, a ‘dry-salter’...a refined and simple man, very fond of books....I had no brothers and sisters, and both parents were also only children...My parents, who were glad of the occupation educated me (with some lessons from outside), my father taking some subjects, my mother others, at first through the medium of Butter’s Spelling Book, with its long lists and hard spellings, its Aesop’s Fables and Lord Chesterfield’s Letters to his Son.”

Ambleside Online: An Introduction to Charlotte Mason

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