Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Washboard

Columbus Washboard Company


  1. I am familiar with those... From 2 years before I was born till I was age 9 our family lived without electricity, indoor plumbing, and snow-blowers (we had a half mile long driveway and it was quite a pain to shovel it by hand, seeing as how this is Michigan). We had a wood stove, and would heat water on the wood stove to take baths, wash laundry (which in the winter was done in the bathtub) and wash dishes. When we finally moved into the house we have now, I had a million and seven questions for dad about the power company, and was fascinated by a washing machine.
    Sometimes, I wish we had not moved.... but then I look at the old house which has caved in, and then was thankful we had, but not gotten any power.

  2. I found an old steel washboard in the shed and even saw one made out of glass once. My parents lived under such conditions some as children. And my Grandmother grew up on an unelectricfied farm and they did their cooking and heating on wood stoves.