Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anti-Feminism Yes; Misogyny No...

I am bit disturbed by the some of the material I have seen on some sites and blogs, many of them claiming to be conservative. The seeming excusing of mistreatment of women by men and linking to some truly horrible and immoral female bashing websites by people who claim to be conservative Christians is most disturbing. Any man who abuses a young woman deserves a very strong punishment. Yes many woman act like harlots, but a decent man avoids such women. The solution to these problems is the restoration of morality, parental authority, and the courtship ritual. The violation of a young woman is a crime against her and her family which needs to be dealt with in the strongest possible way. Sadly sometimes even the "Feminists" can be right on a few topics, even if they are for the most part poisonous and evil.

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