Tuesday, April 26, 2011



The marching armies of the past
Along our Southern plains,
Are sleeping now in quiet rest
Beneath the Southern rains.

The bugle call is now in vain
To rouse them from their bed;
To arms they'll never march again--
They are sleeping with the dead.

No more will Shiloh's plains be stained
With blood our heroes shed,
Nor Chancellorsville resound again
To our noble warriors' tread.

For them no more shall reveille
Sound at the break of dawn,
But may their sleep peaceful be
Till God's great judgment morn.

We bow our heads in solemn prayer
For those who wore the gray,
And clasp again their unseen hands
On our Memorial Day.

From the May, 1893 issue of "Confederate Veteran"

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  1. Most of the population today does not know that this was not really a "civil war", which by definition is two sides fighting for control of the government. The South was not trying to take over the government or take over the North. They just wanted to be left alone. They seceeded to keep the federal government out of their lives. Most people today do not know that the war was fought on Southern soil, and that they were defending their homeland, not attacking the north, not attacking the government. They were trying to go back to the original government set forth by the founding fathers, and were fighting a 2nd Revolutionary War against tyranny.