Monday, April 9, 2012

Thomas Kinkade

I will admit I have mixed feeling about quality of Thomas Kinkade's art, much of work is very pretty and sweet, and I have grown to have an appreciation for it. I have noticed so-called "Artists" and "Liberals" heap endless hate upon Thomas Kinkade even on the day of his passing. The truth is the attacks on Thomas Kinkade have nothing to do the technical quality or style of his work. It is the subject matter and tone that they hate so much. It is his nostalgia and love for the home, church, nature, and the Victorian architecture that they hate so much. Sentimentality and sweetness seems to be unforgivable to the modernest.

Goodbye To The “Painter Of Light”, Thomas Kinkaide

Cottages of Love - A Tribute to Thomas Kinkade

In Memory of Thomas Kinkade: Beloved Christian Painter

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